Why the Right is scrambling for anything to hurl at Obama (or, ‘Much Ado About Nothing’)

GOP 2012

With positive press surrounding President Obama – due in part to the death of Osama bin Laden, the nonchalant and stylistic brush-off of “birther” conspiracies and broad-range non-acceptance of Republican budget proposals – Republican presidential contenders are either dropping out early to save face in what they perceive to be an un-winnable race, or are scrambling to win the popular opinion of their base using futile arguments and inner-circle squabbling.

The Right winced sharply with the withdrawal of Mike Huckabee from the pre-2012 Republican race to the White House, with just hours in between the withdrawal of famed birther champion and ga-zillionaire Donald Trump.

The latter – Trump – perhaps single-handedly called down a crushing blow to the incessant fringe with his demands for Obama’s long-form birth certificate; the result of which being the demonization of anyone who is/was stupid enough to even suggest that the idea of Obama NOT being a natural born citizen had merit. The Donald subsequently withdrew from the race.

Days later, Obama announced the death of American enemy #1, Osama bin Laden – boosting his approval ratings and demonstrating “strength” in the global war on terror (a key talking point amongst Republicans and anti-Obama activists).

The plan, launched in 2009 by Obama (after having been called off in 2005 by G.W. Bush) subsequently tossed a wrench into the gross support for “enhanced interrogation” tactics that most Republicans have touted since 9/11, as top terrorism and military experts (and former Presidential candidate John McCain) unanimously agreed that such tactics had no effect on the end result of both finding and killing the terrorist mastermind earlier this month.

GOP hopeful and Christian fundamentalist Rick Santorum claimed that McCain – a fellow Republican and survivor of an incredible amount of “enhanced interrogation” during his five-plus years held captive as a prisoner of war in Vietnam – just “doesn’t understand how enhanced interrogation works” while arguing the false point that said tactics were instrumental in picking off top Al Qaeda leaders.

“I mean, you break somebody, and after they’re broken,” said Santorum, “they become cooperative.”

Add to this the publicized denouncement of House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) budget plan, tired lies surrounding the Affordable Care Act (aka: Obamacare) and popular opinion of Obama’s foreign policy agenda has, according to some polls, the President leading Republican hopefuls by double digits.

And speaking of “Obamacare”, newly-confirmed Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney most convince anti-“Obamacare” Republican voters that the original, smaller version of the very same legislation was not, in fact, once referred to as “Romneycare”.

According to recent data, disapproval of the President’s concession to Republicans over the Bush-era “tax cuts for the rich” is seemingly one of Obama’s weakest points, as a large majority of Americans were against extending the rates’ term – a notion which no viable GOP nominee will be able to flip in the eyes of voters (though I wouldn’t put it past them to try).

Does anyone else recognize the pattern of chaos within the Republican ranks as they scramble to identify the highest-polling opinions amongst party members? Without a clear and decisive stance on even one important issue, they instead are turning to focus on the lesser, “social” issues that have little-to-no bearing on our immediate national dilemmas.

When accountability goes unmeasured, sensationalism reigns

When Obama’s long-form birth certificate was issued, die-hard birthers denounced it as a fraud, hoping to hold on to the dwindling light of hope that the President of the United States was not a citizen. Others, who were forced in the public eye to swallow their pride and accept the certificate’s authenticity, also hilariously claimed that while we could NOW get back to business, it was also quite peculiar that the President of the United States would put issuing a birth certificate so low on his to-do list.

When Osama bin Laden was killed, the Right looked for every possible way to cry foul – finding fault in every single nuance of the operation, its outcome, and its visual proof.

And most recently, Right wing media – losing ground on nearly every front – convulsed when a black artist, poet and rapper – whose “anti-police” lyrics got taken way out of context – was invited to a poetry reading at the White House, hilariously claiming it as yet another instance of Obama’s anti-American, pro-black militant agenda in an effort to rally up the prejudices of a predominantly white base that is steel reeling from the occupation of any non-whites in the Oval Office.

Which leaves me to wonder – what’s next? What is the coming sensational cluster-fuck to get conjured up? And how many delusional, apathetic, God-fearing voters will believe it?

Instead of making good on even ONE promise from the 2010 midterm elections regarding the economy, Republicans across the country have instead been targeting socially “progressive” programs like Planned Parenthood and pushing anti-abortion legislation – as if either has any effect on fiscal standings. Or jobs. Or national security.

While policy-based civil disputes are erupting within the GOP halls – you know, the ones where guys like Newt Gingrich are attempting to distance themselves from the “right-wing social engineering” budget/Medicare fiasco while Right wing “news” pundits are referring to certain Republican campaigns as wastes of time, Republican nominee-hopefuls are pushing and shoving to find any angle they can to possibly use as a weapon of security to make certain that Barack Obama is a one-term president.

  • I agree the GOP has some organizational problems, that are really stems from their policy ones. Ever since Obama took office the GOP’s strategy has been to disagree with whatever he asked for no matter how they really feel about it.
    It worked in 2010 because their were seats Dems had no chance of retaining, but now that people are going to start paying more attention (and hopefully vote) it will be a good year in 2012. 

  • Wow, you people really need to get out more! The GOP has offered up spending cuts that are needed in order to keep this country from going bankrupt. The Ponzie schemes of Social Security and Medicare are on display, in full view for all to see, yet Obama and his corrupt followers come up wiht only higher taxes to provide only very limited temporary band aids to allow him to get reelected in 2012. Every idea, every “investment” every move this so called “president” makes is politically motivated to reward his corrupt cohorts and punish those that try to keep him from destroying this country.

    Wake up – no matter how much you pound that drum for him – it WILL only end up costing YOU, your children, and grandchildren everything. By then, it will be too late, and you won’t be able to play the blame game on the GOP, the lack of “cooperation” in Congress, the weather, or anything else that you come up with to try to rationalize your belief  in thinking this traitor had your best interests and this country’s in mind when he talked about “Hope and Change” 

    • Maggie (@MagsEast) – First off, thanks for the comment. I always appreciate gaining new and diverse readers. Unfortunately, though, your thought process is generally skewed. I would prefer to not be presented with a rambling off of generic talking points that, when presented with real facts, crumble under the weight of their own lies – that kind of rhetoric can be saved for your pals over at Fox Nation.

      Your very suggestions that the GOP’s suggested “spending cuts” do ANYTHING at all to fix our economy, that S.S. and Medicaid are “Ponzie schemes”, that Obama is calling for higher taxes ans is a “traitor” to the country shows just how little intelligence you actually put forth in your attacks against reason and accountability.

      If you would instead like to offer up even one fact to back up the handful of ridiculous claims in your comment, I would be more than happy to debate you into a corner.

    • Melinda

      dear maggie, you cant cut your way out of a recession.  you just cant.  sorry, it has never happened before and it isnt going to happen now.  we need to DO somethign about it.  not just undo the gains of the past.  like clean water.

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