Why America is broken: thoughts on a Trump election win

Donald Trump wins 2016 election

Caution: contains profanity.

Let me make it perfectly clear so even the dumbest people reading this can understand: America is not, by any means at all, the greatest country on Earth. Not by any stretch of the imagination. It has not been for a long time. And as of last night, I am no longer proud to be an American. If that is a problem for you – or if any of what I am about to write is a problem for you – than you are the very asshole I am talking about here.

Say what you will about perseverance and hope and the like: last night was a disaster for this nation unlike any in my lifetime, and its true ramifications are yet to even be recognized. I’d come right out and say “Fuck this country,” but the voters already did that for us. Every worker, officer, soldier that built, protected and died for this nation was just heckled, because the voting electorate couldn’t give a shit about you so long as their backwards demagoguery had its day on the pulpit.

What an awful day to wake up as a parent and have to tell my young daughter that a sexist marauder is now the most powerful man in the world, or to tell my younger son that yes, even bullies and bigots can win in the end. You can be a racist, a fascist and a fraud, and yet if and when speaking in the right dog-whistle tones, the know-nothing electorate that is far too prevalent in this country will elect you as their leader simply because you make it easy for them to be who and what they are.

To those people that erroneously chose to vote this charlatan into office – whatever your bullshit reason is – fuck you. Seriously. Fuck. You. Whether it be by your own cultural ignorance, political apathy, gender-based ambiguity or in many cases just outright evil, you have done this nation – and the world – the greatest and most unimaginable disservice since the early twentieth century. You know nothing about politics or American values, history or consequence. You have no concept at all for the positive momentum we have gained both domestic and abroad over the past 8 years, and would allow for its halting and recession all because you were too stupid, disinterested, selfish, biased or malevolent to allow its continuation.

There is no argument on Earth that can validate why this man – a failed business leader, a corporate overlord, a white supremacist – should ever have been elected over someone who is arguably the most qualified person in the country for the job. The only reasons are those he ran on: fear, loathing and selfishness. Emails? Trust? Politics as usual? Get real. You were tricked and now you’re too proud to admit it, or too stupid to know the difference. Either way, you imagined you were electing Tony Stark, but went right ahead and voted for Lex Luthor.

And there is no silver lining to allowing his running mate – an equality-hating, culturally-abhorrent, religious fundamentalist – such ease of access to the powers that be. I do not want to see any conciliatory memes or anecdotes, or hear speeches on how we, the greatest country on Earth, will rise to the challenge of mending our divide if we just work together and pray to God, because “God Bless America.” Fuck that. No we won’t. And no he doesn’t.

We are broken and vastly unfixable.

Fuck this country.