Being an information addict is “good for the soul.” In the first week that this blog has been “live,” I have found it to be good therapy.

We live in an age where information is constantly streamed to our brains via multiple channels – a set of which seems to grow exponentially each week. Because of this, I think I have become somewhat of an information junkie.

I find myself flipping from TV to desktop to laptop to mobile smartphone, sifting through feeds on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and pinging news “apps” more often than I care to admit. And more often than not, headlines criss-cross in front of my eyes to report or rather portray different (and often identical) stories, ideas and thoughts from people sometimes a lot smarter than I will ever be, and others as dumb as stumps. But whichever the source, the world is flashing – pixel by pixel – on screens becoming thinner, lighter, smaller and more mobile than anyone could have ever imagined.

It is hard not to allow oneself to become affected by information. As I attempt to educate myself on the situations that we as a nation – as a world – are facing, it is impossible not to form opinions – often strong ones – on what is happening out there.

This blog, so far, allows me to vent my thoughts, ideas and frustrations on whatever my eyes may see or my ears may hear.

I don’t really care if anyone is listening, or how many “hits” I get. I do not pretend or attempt to stick to one subject or genre. I am tired of “voicing” my opinions in quick, character-limited bursts on message boards, comment strings or social networks. Sure, they have their place and their uses, but how often can one have the same debate with the same people? is a semi-personal blog devoted to opinionated rantings over current events, politics and pop culture as they relate to our modern-day society.

Obviously, it can become quite annoying to have someone’s blurbs crowd up your social streams on, say, Facebook or Twitter. This site was created via the urge to have a pulpit of sorts OUTSIDE of those networks that would satisfy my own need to express my ideas, thoughts and reflections on some of what is going on in the world around us, while carefully respecting others’ viewpoints.

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