Social conservative sucker punch: Republican contenders compete for hearts and souls of the ridiculously simple-minded


With the 2012 election campaigns ready for kickoff, Republican contenders are ramping up their base by playing “who can be the most socially conservative and fundamentally religious” against each other, despite the fact that the real issues facing the country – jobs, economy, security, health – have nothing to do with “social” ideas like gay marriage and Planned Parenthood.

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Fox News and Right wing: ‘United we stand’ against unity and democracy


In Madison, Wisconsin, working Americans are standing together in the fight against a  state-wide overhaul of union rights that would impact scores of state union workers. For all the Right’s rants of supposed socialist satanists and its slobbering slurs against “aristocratic” Democrats and union “thugs,” it would be nice if it read up on America’s pro-union history.

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Right-wing fringe attempts to change history for the sake of white power


An outlandish scheme by southern Tea Party groups to edit textbooks mirrors an overwhelmingly rampant sentiment that has existed in the nation since the launch of “manifest destiny”; forget about the cruel, unjust means that got us here – as long as we revel in the enormity of our own self-indulged “goodness”, we can leave the bad stuff out of the books.

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