Right-wing fringe attempts to change history for the sake of white power


An outlandish scheme by southern Tea Party groups to edit textbooks mirrors an overwhelmingly rampant sentiment that has existed in the nation since the launch of “manifest destiny”; forget about the cruel, unjust means that got us here – as long as we revel in the enormity of our own self-indulged “goodness”, we can leave the bad stuff out of the books.

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Tucson shootings: Hostile political discourse and violent propaganda are far-too prevalent to remain blameless

Glenn Beck

Regardless of inspiration, Jared Lee Loughner did EXACTLY what popular Right wing personalities have been promoting for years. Whether or not he ever even heard of Beck, Limbaugh or Palin is NOT the issue; rather their common rhetoric, on one tragic morning in Arizona, actually came to fruition, and innocent people died.

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Anti-environment Republican Congressman to head new Environment and Economy Subcommittee

John Shimkus

Republican Congressman John Shimkus has been selected to head up the new Environment and Economy Subcommittee under the new Republican-majority House. Isn’t it always nice when someone completely unqualified, unabashedly and unethically opposed to a certain set of humanitarian principles is put in charge of the political, cultural and judicial future of said principles?

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