How religious perversion mocks American progress

As Americans, we are often told what is “right” by random and sometimes popular voices based on their interpretations of the Bible that happen to agree with their own gross prejudices and misconceptions of society. It is frightening just how powerful the communal singularity has become, when the very same sentiments are echoed from campaign pulpits and from within the halls of Congress.

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‘Man Behind the Curtain’: Todd Akin and the Republican fear of women

Todd Akin (R-MO)

The Congressman from Missouri has accomplished in one sentence what his political opponents have been trying tirelessly to convince the American public of for years: that the currently seated GOP is by and large dominated by the extreme Right, whose religion-based, male-power struggles – and shortcomings – greatly outweigh its sense of purpose on a national, public scale.

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Has Paul Ryan strengthened Romney’s candidacy for President of the United 1% of Jesus America?

As only the second Catholic to ever be nominated for national office by Republicans, Ryan all-but locks in the devout white Catholic vote. While Romney steers the argument over big business regulations and governmental power, his political antithesis – a career politician – is being sent in to hammer away at the Right’s Biblical sensibilities.

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