Ayn Rand and me (or, One more reason why I could never be a Tea Party ‘patriot’)

Ayn Rand

The Tea Party’s adoption of the late author Ayn Rand speaks volumes on the the Right wing’s roots of racial segregation, animosity and deterrence to progress. Any group – political or not – to knowingly follow the “teachings” of someone condoning genocide of unprecedented proportions should immediately disqualify them from the national dialogue.

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Occupy Wall Street: Tea parties for smart people

A surge of re-energized American citizens positioned in cities across the country are carrying out the grassroots “Occupy Wall Street” movement (or the “99 Percent Movement”) with an intelligent and provoking agenda that invokes real patriotic citizenship – much unlike the backwards Tea Party protests that have done little more than pervert our founding ideals while hidden under the guise of Americanism.

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