Social conservative sucker punch: Republican contenders compete for hearts and souls of the ridiculously simple-minded

With the 2012 election campaigns ready for kickoff, Republican contenders are ramping up their base by playing “who can be the most socially conservative and fundamentally religious” against each other, despite the fact that the real issues facing the country – jobs, economy, security, health – have nothing to do with “social” ideas like gay marriage and Planned Parenthood.

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Tucson shootings: Hostile political discourse and violent propaganda are far-too prevalent to remain blameless

Glenn Beck

Regardless of inspiration, Jared Lee Loughner did EXACTLY what popular Right wing personalities have been promoting for years. Whether or not he ever even heard of Beck, Limbaugh or Palin is NOT the issue; rather their common rhetoric, on one tragic morning in Arizona, actually came to fruition, and innocent people died.

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