Counting on stupid: Romney, Ryan and the RNC target the economically uninformed

Reminiscent of the “Party of No’s” post-2008 resurgence with its co-opting of the Tea Party mentality, the RNC is not interested in communicating anything real to American voters. Instead, they are expertly utilizing rhetorical and strategic propaganda to swiftly out-sound-bite any and all fact-checking measures that would dutifully render its rhetoric at the convention null and void.

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‘Man Behind the Curtain’: Todd Akin and the Republican fear of women

Todd Akin (R-MO)

The Congressman from Missouri has accomplished in one sentence what his political opponents have been trying tirelessly to convince the American public of for years: that the currently seated GOP is by and large dominated by the extreme Right, whose religion-based, male-power struggles – and shortcomings – greatly outweigh its sense of purpose on a national, public scale.

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Has Paul Ryan strengthened Romney’s candidacy for President of the United 1% of Jesus America?

As only the second Catholic to ever be nominated for national office by Republicans, Ryan all-but locks in the devout white Catholic vote. While Romney steers the argument over big business regulations and governmental power, his political antithesis – a career politician – is being sent in to hammer away at the Right’s Biblical sensibilities.

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