Fox News continues to lie about climate change, finds SpongeBob a bit confusing

Fox News personalities willfully and falsely validate rank-and-file members of modern day, anti-science denialism in an effort to convince them that fact-proven climate change is a liberal conspiracy of global proportions. And somehow, SpongeBob – the screaming, obnoxious, arguably stupid, square-pants’d cartoon that lives in a make-believe pineapple under the sea – is now public enemy #1.

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Anti-environment Republican Congressman to head new Environment and Economy Subcommittee

John Shimkus

Republican Congressman John Shimkus has been selected to head up the new Environment and Economy Subcommittee under the new Republican-majority House. Isn’t it always nice when someone completely unqualified, unabashedly and unethically opposed to a certain set of humanitarian principles is put in charge of the political, cultural and judicial future of said principles?

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